I got my start at the early age of 15 working on my first car, a 1964 Catalina that was wrecked & without motor or trans. For the next 6 years I worked on friend’s and neighbor’s cars. At that point, I was asked by Ivan Edwards to go to work for him at Edwards Auto Body, where I worked for 24 years, of which the last seven I spent as manager overseeing 16 employees, also estimating and negotiating with insurance adjusters. Never really able to take full control, always under the thumb.

   Now I have my own shop at my home where I’ve lived for over 45 years and can finally do things as I think best. Quality Workmanship and Customer Satisfaction is never taken lightly. I take pride in every job that leaves my facility. I like to feel my customers are my friends, not just another repair job and that's why we've experienced steady growth since opening in 2002. Since then we've had five major expansions and currently have seven full time employees and three part time employees.

   I worked several years restoring antique cars and trucks in the evenings and weekends as a hobby, and have done many award winning show cars. I think that gives me an edge over my competitors shops in the area when it comes to fabrication or repair of sheet metal parts and attention to detail. We can still do lead work, not to many shops have men with those talents anymore. 

   In the past, I’ve been paid by the hour, and also worked on commission. I know the difference in workmanship that is the result of both. Most of the bigger shops pay their technicians on a commission/Flat Rate basis. I can tell you, you will never get the quality out of a commission shop that you will from a shop that’s willing to pay its employees by the hour so they can concentrate on the task at hand instead of their paycheck.

   I was born, raised and have lived my whole life in this community. I am an active Bark River Lions Club member. I am on the board of directors, also Race Committee member and past Camping Chairman for the Bark River International Raceway. I was also a long time member and Past President of Vintage Tin Antique Auto Club. I have no plans of leaving the area. My customers know, I’ll be here if they need me 24 / 7.